Lohner Stroler

New vehicle class providing the urban mobility of today for tomorrow:
The E-Bike, in all its facets, was invented long ago, the moped is no longer in keeping with the times. So the E-Bike had to be made usable by providing more functionality - and especially by fitting two seats - and the moped had to be redesigned to be quiet and free of harmful emissions. Thus, combined from these considerations, a new class of vehicle emerged: the Lohner Stroler. 


Roller Lea

LEA - Away from the crowd, the city belongs to you.
The Lohner LEA continues the success story of the of the L125-Roller, which was unique as early as the 1950s. Times have changed - people, their needs, their lifestyle. Smart technology is what's required - the answer is electromobility. Urban mobility in a form brought right up to date: LEA - the legend, it's back!





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