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Two Seats, one e-Bike:

What a kind of experience: cruising in twos through town. The long saddle, the useful footrests and the handle bars just invite you to join the ride. Where and why ever. Fun.

Hard to believe: The Stroler is an e-bike legally. You may drive on bicycle paths. Limited to 25 km/h it fulfils all legal requirements. Legal.

The Stroler appears to be ‚retro’ but is brand new. Using the Design-Thinking process a young, multifunctional team developed the Stroler taking a whole variety of aspects into account - for example, Austria’s first two seated Moped, the Lohner Sissy – combining it with new ideas creating the Stroler. Unique.

A 8 Litre Storage compartment and options to mounting saddle bags make the Stroler convenient for work and leisure times. Handy.

The Stroler finally looks good. At least a lot of people told us so. Delightful.


Technical Data, Model 2017
Countries (1) Austria, Switzrland Germany, EU
Speciality 2 Seats
Saddle available in various colors (optional)
Frame Steel
Forke 100mm suspended Frontfork, lockable
Storage ~ 8 Litre stowage space, lockable
Wheel 26"x2.15 with reflector stripes
Power Gear electric wheel hub engine
Performance 500W 250W
Performance maximum 800W 600W
Torque 50 Nm (23 Nm nominal) 40 Nm (12 Nm nominal)
Battery LiIon 46V, 11Ah, 396 Wh
Loading time for 80% 4 hours
Charging current 2 Amp
Gears 8 Gears
Brakes hydraulic Ø180 mm
Rekuperation when breaking automatically
Maximum Speed 25km/h legally defined
Electric support in 3 Performance levels
Handlebar Accelaration up to 25 km/h (3) up to 6 km/h (2)
Pedal-Torque sensor up to 25 km/h up to 25 km/h
Reach up to 96 km in Pedelec mode
Classification E-Bike (4) Pedelec
Beleuchtung breitstreuender LED Scheinwerfer mit 3W
Weight 34,5 kg
Additional Load maximum 190 kg 150 kg
Display & Control LCD backlight display, separate control unit
Security Pin Code

(1) Countries within Europe, others by request
(2) Limited by law, starting aid
(3) without pedaling, solely manual electric acceleration
(4) approved for bicycle lanes, helmets not mandatory, electric support up to 25 km/h


Color RAL No
Sample Saddle
RAL No Sample Saddle
black devil 9005 Red
silver star 9006 Red
white angel 9010 Red
red chili 3001 White
french blue 5012 White
hello yellow 1023 Black
racing green
6005 Beige
blue dream 5003 White



  • Lohner in the City, 1010 Wien, Bräunerstraße 12 / Ecke Stallburggasse
  • kontakt@lohner.at
  • http://www.lohner.at
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